Friday, May 9, 2014

Custom Yarn - Yarnia

Ever wished you could have a custom made yarn without having to spin it yourself? Pick your colors and fibers and just have yarn magically appear, no effort involved? Wouldn't that be awesome?

Yarnia, a little yarn shop in Portland, OR, has set out to do just that. This is the most innovative way of selling yarn I've seen, and my hat's off to them - both for the idea, and for a great product.

Internet advertising at work, and I found them utterly by chance while browsing Ravelry - they popped up in the little add window to the side and I said huh, wonder what that is, and clicked. What Yarnia does is provide completely customized yarns; at their online shop you can select your yarns by fiber content or color, up to six at a time blended into one custom yarn. The yarns you select are singles, and are combined together and wound onto a cone. You specify how much you want, and a little gauge tells you, with each single added to your cart, how bulky your yarn is going to be.

I wanted more lace to sock weight yarn, so I kept it to three singles per cone. This also influenced my fiber choices, as some of their singles are bulkier than others. Keeping to alpaca, silk, mohair, and the glittery shiny lurex, I whipped together a mardi gras purple-green-gold and a subdued but sparkly blue toned. Submit the order - under $10 for 400 yards each - and bam, done.

Less then a week later the cones arrived. Poof! Magic, and custom made yarn.


Aren't they pretty? The lurex is pure synthetic sparkle magic, and it's understated - it pops out in glittery bits when you knit it up with the rest. There's a thread of gold in the first one and a thread of aqua blue in the second.

Now, the only trick is that Yarnia's technique is to wind at an even tension onto a cone - it's just the singles laid out together. They aren't plied with each other, so there's no overall twist. You just pick it all up together and knit with it as one. Might seem a little awkward at first, but it's not bad, and I like the way the colors seem to wrap around each other and alternate with your stitches, so you get a variegated effect.

Now the eternal question... what should I knit with the new yarn? Hmmm.....

(Just a note of reminder - CatDragon doesn't get any kickback or kudos for product reviews, I'm just passing along fun and interesting things as they cross my path!)

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